Bubble hairs of Chenopodium album© Gerd Gunther 2006
 Our site is for all who love amateur microscopy and photomicrography. Our membership includes some of the finest photomicrographers to be found. Many of our members are either current or past winners of the Nikon Small World photomicrography contest. Additionally, you could not find a better informed, nor could you find a more friendly, bunch of microscopists anywhere on the Internet.

We offer several benefits and features for our members:

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In addition to the bulletin board forums and galleries, articles of interest will be added to the web site on a continuing basis. If you have special knowledge or techniques that would be of interest to our visitors and members, please, review our submission guidelines and consider submitting a brief article on your specialty. We welcome all contributions from our visitors and members. We are also working to build comprehensive links to light microscopy resources on the Internet and will be happy to provide links to our member’s websites.

Additionally, if you register as a member of www.amateurmicroscopy.net you are automatically registered with and are allowed access to all of the photomacrography galleries and forums. Photomicrographers and photomacrographers share many common interests and it is only natural that the two disciplines be blended into a single online community. Image posting and topic discussion guidelines appear in the forums and galleries.

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