Oncotag M
tag201 antibody

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The prevalence of pancreatic cancer (PC) are sharply rising around the world, but its prognosis is extremely bad with 1-4percent of 5-year success rate. Early detection of PC is needed. Biocon Oncotag-M is a protein especially increased in PC using a 91.7% favorable speed.

Oncotag-M is associated with the dimensions, metastasis and survival of patients with pancreatic adeno-carcinoma.


Limitations in the PC diagnostics More than 80 percent of PC is inoperable and can’t be diagnosed pathologically. If that’s the circumstance, cytology evaluation using specimens obtained through EUS-FNA (Endoscopic ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration) is done but the analysis depends upon the subjective conclusion. In addition evaluation can’t offer a certain answer for cells.

Diagnostic Biomarker for Pancreatic Cancer

Early detection of PC is needed.

Biocon Oncotag-M is a protein especially useful in PC detection

● Oncotag-M reveals greater specificity and sensitivity within the famous mark CEA in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

● Oncotag-M has dependable diagnostic accuracy for irregular cells.

● Precise analysis is ensured at easy steps within a few hours.

Pancreatic Cancer detection kit
Immuno fluorescence detection of pancreatic cancer with microscope

GFP conjugation of Onco Tag for Pancreas cancer detection.

It’s important to specimens that are EUS-FNA.

● Monoclonal antibody specific to Oncotag-M is conjugated with green fluorescence protein.

● After easy staining positive outcome may be read out by green fluorescence emitted in the Oncotag-M expressing specimens